What is the 2013 Film Series?

Film series banner

This year, the Indiana County Center for Community Growth is proud to announce The 2013 Film Series: A New Economy, the last Friday of every month from February 22nd through July.  The series will include a diverse array of perspectives, worldviews, and experiences, feature a variety of documentaries that cover a range of current and historical issues of national and global scale significance.  All of our selected films are centered on a singular theme: The new economy.  Each film explores certain environmental and social justice issues in relation to our current economic problems in order to encourage discussion around similar issues affecting Indiana County today, and how those issues might be addressed on a local level.

The film series is part of The Center’s larger goal to support discussion and action among community members and organizations towards strengthening the well being of Indiana and its residents. It is our hope that this series will serve as an important first step towards bettering the quality of life of Indiana residents by encouraging discussion, engagement, and collaboration between individuals and groups to find solutions to common problems facing our community today.

We open with The Economics of Happiness (Norberg-Hodge, 2011). A project of The International Society for Ecology and Culture, this documentary discusses the impact of globalization in our modern world, and explains how current economics focus heavily on growth and increased production at the expense of the well-being of individuals and the environment.  The film promotes the localization of economics as a solution to begin improving the well being of humanity as a whole by making economics locally based, self-sufficient, and self-sustaining.

The Center believes that the objective of establishing a sustainable economy is relevant to the Indiana community, and that the film will provide a solid starting point from which to begin discussing ways of improving our local economy.

The 2013 Film Series is open to the public.  Admittance to each film is a suggested $5 donation. At each film a discussion will be held to generate ideas about how to begin addressing different issues in Indiana County.  Representatives from organizations will also be present to speak with interested audience members about their work in the community, and how others can get involved.  See the lineup of our films here!

If you would like to become involved in planning the series, or if you would like to support to this event financially, click here, or e-mail us at theindianacenter@gmail.com. You may also contact event organizers for more details:

(Written by Lindsey Quakenbush, edited by Susan Comfort, Gerald Smith, Colleen Donovan, and Eric Barker)


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