Sign & Support! – The Center to present petition for improved curbside recycling to Borough Council

Join the Center for Community Growth this Tuesday as we present a petition for single-stream curbside recycling to the Indiana County Borough Council!

When: Tuesday, March 5th, at 7:00pm

Where: Borough Council Building, 80 N. 8th Street, Indiana, PA, 15701

What the Petition is about:

At our screening of “The Economics of Happiness” last Friday, we asked audience members to sign a petition to the Indina Borough Council asking for improved curbside recycling.  We gathered many signatures, however we now would like to present the petition at this week’s Borough Council meeting, and still need 50 more signatures!

Many people in Indiana Borough do not recycle because it’s not easy enough for them. The Indiana Borough Council has the power to bring single-stream curbside recycling to the Borough. This would allow residents to mix all recyclables together in one container, and Waste Management will sort the items and recycle them all.

That’s why we created a petition to John Hartman, Chair of Public Works, Indiana Borough Council, which says:

“The Borough Council of Indiana should contract with a provider to set up a single-stream recycling program for residents of Indiana. This program should permit recycling all recyclables from one container.”

What you can do:

This petition is being presented to Borough Council on Tuesday, March 5th. If you haven’t yet signed the hardcopy of our petition already, please share and sign the petition before Tuesday evening!

You can sign and share the petition by following the link below:

Don’t forget to join the Center at the Borough Council Building this Tuesday when we present our petition at the council’s meeting!

(Written by Lindsey Quakenbush)


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