Dreams into Action: Petition Supports Borough Council Efforts for Single Stream Recycling

Eric Barker presents the Center's petition to the members of the Indiana Borough Council.
Eric Barker presents the Center’s petition to the members of the Indiana Borough Council.

Eric Barker and G Smith presented a Single-Source curbside recycling petition on behalf of the Center for Community Growth at a meeting of the Indiana Borough Council on Tuesday, March 5th.  The petition contained over 200 signatures collected from community members over the course of 2 weeks, and requested that “The Borough Council of Indiana…contract with a provider to set up a single-stream recycling program for residents of Indiana,” and that the program “should permit recycling all recyclables from one container.”

The petition was first announced at the opening screening of the Center’s 2013 Film Series: A New Economy in late February, where audience members were given an opportunity to sign the petition.  Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s Environmentally Conscientious Organization (E.C.O.) also volunteered to take the petition to IUP campus, where they gathered signatures from students who support having an improved recycling system.

Single stream recycling for curbside pickup would be more convenient for borough residents by eliminating the need to sort recyclable waste or transport material not accepted by the current program to the Homer City recycling center.  Some petition signers pointed out that Indiana’s current program makes it difficult for most people to recycle, especially for residents who are elderly, disabled, or are otherwise unable to travel to Homer City to drop off their materials for processing.  Implementing a new curbside program would make it possible for more residents to participate, and may also increase awareness about the environment within Indiana.

Indiana Borough Councilman John Hartman is chairman of the Public Works Committee, and is already committed to establishing a single stream recycling program in Indiana.  According to the Indiana Gazette, Hartman and the Public Works Committee have been actively studying single stream recycling, and are encouraging the Indiana County Solid Waste Authority to implement such a program in the borough.  The Center’s petition provides needed support for Hartman, the borough council, and the Public Works Committee in their continuing efforts to achieve this goal by demonstrating the community’s demand and interest in having single stream curbside recycling.

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who signed and distributed our petition over the last few weeks, and to the members of the Borough Council and the Public Works Committee for their continued dedication, hard work, and service to our community.

(Written by Lindsey Quakenbush)

Read more about the petition and single stream recycling:

“Indiana Borough: New recycling effort would expand service” Indiana Gazette, March 6, 2013


4 thoughts on “Dreams into Action: Petition Supports Borough Council Efforts for Single Stream Recycling”

  1. While there are many aspects of your petition that I agree with, I am concerned that not all of those who signed actually reside in the borough. I hope that this will not affect your credibility at some future point.

    1. Thanks for the comment! The petition we delivered indicated who was a borough resident and who was not. It was well received by the Borough Council. It turns out, the Public Works committee had already begun researching single stream recycling. We’re working with them to make it happen! Thanks for reaching out, I hope you can catch our next film, Triple Divide, on Friday, 3/29.

    2. Vicki: I believe what you believe. They also have not thought about putting out Indiana recycling Center out of business. Why do Indiana County Residents want to give buisness to Pittsburgh. Our County Center does a great job and keeps the cost low. When you take the business away from them the costs will increase. Why is nobody talking about cost increasing? Many elderly cannot afford increase costs once these companies drive out their competition. Ron Airhart

      1. Ron, thanks for your comment. Like you and I talked about on the phone yesterday, it’s not our understanding that anyone wants to destroy good union paying jobs. Waste Management Inc. operates like the Walmart of the waste management business, and has already put many local companies out of business. Their formula is familiar, they drop the bottom out of the market with their enormous purchasing power (based out of TX) putting local trash companies out of business, and then they slowly increase their costs.

        People want value for their money.

        I hope that we’re able to bring our members to the county recycling service so folks can learn more about what goes on there. I also hope the county can be open to feedback from residents on the services they provide.

        Lets talk about increasing costs. Last I heard, it will cost borough residents $8-9 per month, per household to do single stream through the county. This is up from current price of $1 per month, per household. That’s not an increase residents can afford.


        Gerald Smith

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