The Indiana CSA: The Center’s next step for 2013

Photo by Lindsey Quakenbush

The Center for Community Growth is exploring the possibility of setting up a CSA program for Indiana residents as a sub-group of the Center’s main organization.  CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, involves establishing a direct, mutually beneficial relationship between farmers and communities that provides fresh food for residents while supporting local farms.  At the start of each year, residents would be able to purchase a share of the season’s harvest from farmers at a fixed price.  Once the harvest starts, farmers send some of their produce to the CSA, where it is sorted, boxed, and sent to a convenient location in downtown Indiana for participants fo pick up weekly.  Participating in a CSA means getting fresh, locally grown produce and food products every week, while also supporting the work and livelihood of local farmers based in Indiana.

Many who attended the Center’s 2013 Film Series expressed an interest in having a CSA, and although many farms and communities participate in these programs throughout the Pittsburgh region, there are none based in Indiana.  The Center plans to work with our residents and local farmers over the next few months to raise interest in the program and figure out how to make an efficient, convenient, and affordable CSA.

The Center is already creating a survey about CSAs for Indiana residents to fill out. The results will help make the demand for a CSA more visible, which will help when the Center’s members start to contact farmers about getting involved.  The survey will be available online on the Center’s website in April, along with more information and updates about the progress on this exciting new project, so be sure to follow our website, Twitter feed, or Facebook page to stay updated!

(Written by Lindsey Quakenbush)


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