Next in the 2013 Film Series: YERT!

Showing Friday, April 26th at 6:30pm at the Indiana Theater is YERT, featuring an appearance by the film producer, Mark Dixon, as well as music, cutting edge sustainability research, and a bike powered band!!   Stay tuned for more details, or get more news by liking the Center on Facebook, following us on Twitter, or joining our YERT Facebook event page!

YERT flyer 1

About Mark Dixon
Producer Bio from the YERT Website


“Mark attended Stanford University and graduated in 1997 with a BS in Industrial Engineering. While familiarizing himself with web and media technologies during a 10 year career in Silicon Valley, Mark discovered that our planet Earth was having a tough time accommodating her most dominant species. He also realized that a sound retirement plan would optimally include a stable planet. In an attempt to address these concerns, he went on to launch YERT in 2006 with his college buddy, Ben Evans. This is his first feature film.”

Want to learn more about the 2013 Film Series, or see what other films we have scheduled?  Check out the 2013 Film Series webpage, or our schedule of upcoming screenings!


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