Thrive Sustainability Summit – April 21

The Center is proud to announce the Thrive Sustainability Summit, Friday April 21, in collaboration with the League of Women Voters, Evergreen Conservancy, and the Indiana County Office of Planning and Development!

Why should YOU attend? The sustainable economy is no longer a pipedream!  According to the latest research, there are more than 3 million clean energy jobs in the US – and many more are projected.

Clean vehicles, grid development, energy efficiency, and battery storage are among the fastest growing industries in the country. And in Pennsylvania, renewable energy jobs are growing faster than jobs in fossil fuel. The numbers are even better if you include sustainable agriculture and other clean economy sectors.

Given these exciting developments, you may be asking yourself . . . What can we do to attract economic development to our rural counties and towns? Can we guarantee good jobs and healthy communities in the new sustainable economy? How can we use existing assets to ensure that our communities can once again thrive?

To help answer these questions, you are invited to the THRIVE: Sustainable Economy Summit.     At the Summit, you will learn from local and national experts about:

  • various types of renewable energy and related infrastructure, including regional initiatives by clean energy companies;
  • the economic potential of sustainable agriculture, eco-tourism, and energy efficiency; and
  • the emerging field of green chemistry and its potential to transform manufacturing.

Capacity-building sessions will provide tools to measure the economic benefits of sustainable development, as well as strategies for marketing those benefits. We want to help you to attract funding and new businesses to your community.

The THRIVE Summit is specifically designed for municipal officials and staff of local and county governments in rural Southwestern PA. Community members and students who want to become involved by serving on community boards and task forces are also welcome.

Your help is needed. Let’s join together to build thriving communities in the new, sustainable economy!