Learn More About Fracking

Below is a list of links to websites with information about hydraulic fracturing in Pennsylvania.  These resources were recommended by members of the Center’s organizing staff and affiliated organizations.

We are still expanding this list, so if you know of any other useful resources you would like us to post on this page, leave us a comment below, or send your suggestion to us using the form on our feedback page!


League of Women Voters—In 2008, the League of Women Voters conducted a state-wide study on the economic and environmental impacts of fracking and compiled their findings in a guide which was distributed among communities.  Following the study, the League came up with a position on natural gas fracking, which supports public policies for:

  • Maximizing the protection for the public and the environment.
  • Increasing business for local business.
  • Appropriate drilling fees and impact fees for energy companies.
  • Severance tax on natural gas drilling.
  • Transparency in all stages of the drilling process.
  • Allowing public input on decisions in natural gas drilling.

The League is now conducting a health-impact study on fracking.  You can learn about the 2008 and current study on their website.

Coalition for a Healthy County—Originally formed several years ago to address drilling in Yellow Creek County, the CHC continues to work on fracking issues in the area advocating for fracking prohibition around conservation areas.

Evergreen Conservancy

Mountain Watershed Association

StateImpact Pennsylvania–A project of NPR and local PA media focused on Pennsylvania’s energy economy.


The Public Herald

Guide to DEP File Reviews on TripleDivideFilm.org–A new TripleDivideFilm.org website will be launched in the near future with information on navigating the Pennsylvania DEP website and conducting DEP file reviews.

The Sierra Club Allegheny Group Marcellus Page


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