Escape Fire

escape_fire2The second film in our 2014 film series, Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare, allowed community members to engage in a dialogue about their experiences with healthcare, and their understanding of the Affordable Care Act’s benefits and pitfalls.  A short panel introduced the topic of healthcare, and the film was followed by a heated Q&A discussion that engaged many audience members well after the film was over.

Panelists for this film included:

  • Dr. Abigail Adams, IUP professor and medical anthropologist
  • Dr. Kim Hatcher, local medical doctor and dermatologist
  • Leann Bevak, Certified Application Counselor for the Affordable Care Act, Armstrong-Indiana Drug & Alcohol Commission
  •  Elizabeth Sierminski, HealthCare 4 All PA Development Coordinator and Board Member.


Together, the film and panelists seemed to reach the consensus that American medicine lacks important preventative care training.  Panelists talked about the economic issues regarding healthy eating and exercise, and about the staggering proportion of healthcare related expenses that drive families into bankruptcy.  More than 60% of bankruptcies result from medical expenses, and 78% of those bankruptcies were incurred by people who had some sort of health insurance.

For more information on how people are facing the injustices of a broken healthcare system, check out Escape Fire’s website for action initiatives you can become a part of.



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