posterGMO OMG director and concerned father Jeremy Seifert is in search of answers. How do GMOs affect our children, the health of our planet, and our freedom of choice? And perhaps the ultimate question, which Seifert tests himself: is it even possible to reject the food system currently in place, or have we lost something we can’t gain back?  GMO OMG, the third film in the Center for Community Growth’s film series, asked the citizens of Indiana some of these same tough questions.

The Center assembled a panel of local experts to help make sense of the issue both locally and on a global scale.  Those panelists included:


  • Lisa McCann – Heirloom Seed Project 
  • Beth Marshall, Organic Gardener and VP of the League of Women Voters (who recently conducted a study of GMOs)
  • Shayna Speicher, Real Food Challenge on IUP Campus 
  • Brian Oakey, IUP Geography Professor 
  • Kay Snyder, PASA (Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture) and Indiana Community Gardens 
  • Tina Palmer – resident GMO expert

Together with the audience, these panelists brought up great solutions to local problems.  For those who might not be able to afford organic produce, visit the community garden or start your own, even if it’s just a few plants in your back yard.  There are resources online that will tell you which fruits and vegetables are most likely to carry pesticide residue.  The panel brought a lot of great resources to the audience’s attention, and the audience expressed a resounding call for more action.

They say we need to use GMOs to feed the world population, but that’s just not true.  It’s not a matter of scarcity, it’s a matter of distribution – a matter of economics.  Those problems don’t get solved by GMO use. -Male (Name?)

To take action against GMOs, you can visit  Those wishing to take more action against GMOs should look into Indiana’s participation in the national event, March Against Monsanto.  The GMO Action Network will meet May 24th to demonstrate against agribusinesses like Monsanto.  For more information, see our post here(link).



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