Inequality for All

81HyHegX57L._SL1500_On January 31st, community members flocked to the Indiana Theater to see the first film in our series, Inequality for All.  The film follows former US Labor Secretary Robert Reich as he tells the story of widening inequality in America from the 1920’s to today.  Over 100 people attended this first film in the series, and many expressed interest in the following films as well.

Before the film was played, a short panel was held to discuss the implications of the film in our community.  Panelists included economist Dr. Brandon Vick (IUP Economics Department), sociologist Dr. Jim Dougherty, nutritionist Dr. Jody Sibold, county planner Jeff Raykes, and Chevy Chase Community Center President Dianne Reese-Walters. These panelists also stayed after the movie for a Q&A about their involvement with economic inequality in the Indiana community.

“One of the most rewarding outcomes of the film were the connections that were made between people at the film and panel discussion.” – Erik Barker

The panelists made some insightful connections bridging income inequality to a variety of issues.  One of those connections was made by Dr. Sibold, who advocates for proper nutrition in the family.  She commented that a $1.50 bag of potato chips is not only cheaper than a $5 bag of potatoes, it’s also faster for someone who is working two or three minimum wage jobs.

Dianne Reese-Walters also mentioned that educating youth is vital to the health of low-income families. In nutritional education at the Community Center, she found that “children are carrying the education they’re learning from us to their parents.”

For more information on how people are tackling income inequality in their communities, check out Inequality for All’s website for action initiatives you can become a part of.



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