Meet our Board

Gerald (G) Smith
– Co-Chair

In addition to serving on the Indiana Borough council, G devotes his time and energy to overseeing membership of the Center, and leading the Recycling Action Network.


432345_10150606229894983_1656780391_nReverend Joan Sabatino – Co-Chair

Reverend Joan leads a thriving parish at the Unitarian Universalist church, but still finds time to serve on our Steering Committee.  She is devoted to making Indiana a safe and welcoming place for people of all ethnicities, genders, faiths, and orientations.


Candice Bolger – Treasurer

Candice recently took on the role of treasurer, even with a baby on the way!  Congratulations to our new treasurer on her healthy baby girl.  Candice is devoted to improving the quality of life for LGBT families in Indiana by participating as a member of the Nondiscrimination Action Network.

944185_460271997380585_272353678_n 6.25.04 PM
I love that I can be a part of making my community a better place!

Tina Palmer

Tina is the head of the GMO Action Network, and has led The Center’s participation in the worldwide “March against Monsanto.”  She is committed to providing the community of Indiana with information about genetically modified organisms.


1441557_10100313257186929_1587609050_nEric Barker

As the head of the Voter Registration Action Network, Eric is devoted to encouraging participation in local and national elections.  Eric also hosts the Center’s  radio show, organizing topics and hosting panelist discussion.


309115_102400759910558_796884873_nPeter Broad

Best home-brewer in all of Indiana, Peter acts as a liaison between the Center and Borough Council.  Through his years as a professor at IUP and his time serving the Council, Peter has a keen understanding of Indiana’s values, and how they mesh with those of the Center.



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