It’s after the election — where do we go from here? Our newly-elected officials need to hear from us. We need to cause positive progressive change in our community. Join a new movement for Indiana County: The Center for Community Growth.

Wednesday, 11/14, 7-9pm
IUP’s Keith Hall, Room 130.

We’ll watch the video “The Story of Change” and brainstorm our next steps for our community. The Center has identified six focus areas:

~ Environmental Justice ~ Poverty Race and Elections ~ Healthcare ~ LGBT Equality ~ Prison Justice ~ Education Reform ~

Our first big project will be a progressive film festival and associated social justice projects on these initiatives.

Which effort will you help to move forward?

IUP’s Keith Hall, Room 130

Voter Registration and Education Drive Launched!

The Center For Community Growth has launched it’s summer Voter Registration and Education drive in collaboration with the Indiana County Community Assistance Program (ICCAP). Throughout July and into August, volunteers with the Center are tabling with registration information at ICCAP foodbanks across the county.
So far, the response has been good with new registrations at two of three locations this week.
SIGN-UP HERE to volunteer for a 2-3 hour shift. Most of them are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Volunteering is easy, and we have helpful hints to help you along. Attached are directions, which you can also find online here.  Call Gerald Smith,  724-801-8360, or Rev. Joan Sabatino, 724-357-8309 for questions, or reply to this email.
This drive is the follow-up from our Building Change in Indiana event this past Spring.

Community Empowerment Through Education and Collaboration

Brief report on Building Change in Indiana

April 28, 2012

On April 23, 2012, the Center for Community Growth partnered with the Three Rivers Community Foundation, and the Center for Northern Appalacian Studies to hold the first annual Building Change in Indiana conference in IUP’s Kieth hall. The event brought together 22 service agencies and advocacy organizations from Indiana County and across the region for a series of town hall discussions featuring community leaders, and fundraising experts.

The discussion ranged from financial constraints felt by everyone working in the room, to identifying ways to empower folks across the county, particularly those served by the organizations in the room, for example, low-income families, people of color, GLBT community, victims of domestic violence, and the general public.

Featured speakers were: Dr. Carolyn Princes, President, NAACP; Karen Bieger, President of PFLAG; Ayanda Masilela from Northwest Human Services; Sandy Harbor, Director, ICCAP; Scott Tyson, President Health Care 4 All PA, Jo Ellen Bowman, Executive Director, HAVEN; Brian Cope, Coalition for a Healthy County. In addition, The Three Rivers Foundation, Western Grantmakers of Pennsylvania, and local fundraising consultant Heidi Malin provided information and advice for cash strapped organizations.

As a follow-up to the conference, the Center is working with ICCAP and the NAACP to set up voter education tables at 19 food banks across Indiana County. Click Here to find out more.

We’re also looking forward our first annual the Building Indiana Film Festival to be launched in January, 2013 in downtown Indiana.